Bishops Arms in Copenhagen

We welcome you swedes. Especially when you bring beer and especially when most of it isn't from Sweden :-) Just joking - some swedish beers are superb, while at least also one of your bars is great!

The swedish beer bar venue chain Bishop Arms opened there first venue in Denmark in the beginning of April. I visited a couple of weeks ago and here's my verdict.

I love the way this baris decorated, the details are great. The handle bars on the stairs is wrapped in leather. The lounge area is designed as a reading den, where you can pull books down from the shelfes.

The bar is also beautiful and the tap system is out of a british pub with bras tubing. Only thing is you have more than just real ale running from these guys. So what's on tap?

Everything. There is no specific style or no countries. The beers range from swedish lagers to American california IPAs. This would normally scare me off, 'World off beers' and all those frases telling that we're settled with boring huge mainstream brews. Well, this is where I start to love the place. They travel the world beers like you should, don't go for huge seights but go local and explorer the native beers. The good beers that you can't get at the airport!

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