Blogging from Blogsy

I've always wanted to blog more than i've been able to so far. So I've decides to do some changes to make the trip from the keyboard to the Web shorter and at the same time also the trip to the keyboard.


Before I tried to host my blog at the domain host one.com servers. The obvious benefit is of course control the downside is more work to maintain the webpage. Idea: move to a blog service provider.

I already had a Google account so why not just choose the Google service Blogger. Since this is an experiment I haven't yet moved my domain to point to the blogger page. The Quick and dirty solution is of course just to forward the visitor via the meta referat command.

Trip from keyboard to Web just became shorter.


I am very positive on Bloggers webapp editor, so I will most likely use that as my desktop editor.

But to make the trip to the keyboard shorter I am trying out Blogsy for tha iPad. After doing some iTunes store browsing it was apparent that Blogger is the only main blog service (squarespace and wordpress as the other) without their own free iPad app.

But I found a paid app named Blogsy which I am writing this post from now. Blogsy works as I need it too! Blogging from a café in Copenhagen.

But how do I insert a picture of my burger from my iPad photo library?

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