IPad magazines

I've veen playing around with The iPad for a week now and I have tried to get an overview of which good iPad magazines are available.

I should start by defining 'good':

Let's get it out the way, price. If you're going to charge per issue then I don't want to pay more than 2€ per magazine. You have an infinite space (almost) so get some adds in there. I am used to adds in magazines. News papers creating iPad apps should be either low fee subscription based or totally free, 2€ each day is way too heavy.

Content, do not do not move to a new media if you can't keep up to the previous standard.

Media, feel free to use the new media for user comments. For extra user driven exploration and so on, but do not make it a challenge to read the magazine.

What have I been looking at? Danish newspapers, American magazines, mashup magazines and advertisement collections.

Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet actually have an interesting (at first) model. The first week is free while after
This it follows the model from the rest of the Danish newspapers. 2€ or using your regular subscription number. Price is to high, unless it is an incentive for me to buy a cheaper iPad only subscription. We will have to see when I will be offered that. At least not now and therefore I don't read newspapers on the iPad (sadly).

American tech magazines Wired and Project. Wired is 3€ while the iPad only magazine is only 2€, hey, they got it! Content wise they are much the same, Wired seem to be deeper but they also have a much larger group behind them. I am very impressed with Project doing such a great job at a lower prize point. Well almost a good job, both Wired and Project are still exploring the new media and some times me the user takes the hit. I literally have found places in Project where I can't guet to the next article without going to the navigation menu. Common guys, a magazine where you can't turn the page... Not to good. But I expect to see them do a better and better job. I buy both magazines when they come out.

Mashup magazines. I am currently using Zite and Hitpad, and I love them! Free apps that collects interesting articles and creates a magazine which is constantly changing along time as new stuff is published online. This is the future of magazines. I am looking forward to see the impact on edited magazines from these mashup mags.

The last type of mashup mag I want to mention is a Danish app eTilbudsAvisen collecting the current paper commercials from store websites and makes them Searchable! This is awesome, I can search for offers based on radius from my current position and plan my purchases. I just miss integration with some grocery list web service.

The tablet is here and paper is dying, finally!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Tidningar på iPad se bedövning. Jag älskar att läsa digitala tidningar på iPads och iPhone. Jag använda andra upplaga är kiosken för att läsa digitala tidskrifter. Industrie Magazine

  2. Currently I am still only reading Wired, Project and Zite

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